Code of Conduct

  1. The following Code of Conduct is recommended for the election to the Students in the University Campus and affiliated Colleges: -
  2. Persons other than students of the college concerned shall not be allowed to address any election meeting.
  3. Individuals who are not students of the college concerned shall not be allowed to stay in the hostels after 9:00 PM except in those cases where the individuals are from out of the town and they get special permission of the Principal/Chief Warden.
  4. On the days preceding the date of election, no guests under any circumstances would be allowed to stay in the hostels. Genuine guests, if any, of the students would be lodged by the Warden at appropriate places on the campus.
  5. All campaigning will stop at 5:00 pm on the day preceding the date of election.
  6. The posters would be placed on special notice/display boards which will be erected at suitable places on the college/University campus and in the hostel(s). Litering of the college/University campus with posters will not be allowed.
  7. Shouting of personal slogans or character assassination will not be allowed.
  8. No loud-speakers will be allowed for campaigning.
  9. No cars (except those being driven by university employees), taxis or heavy vehicles will be allowed to enter the campus after 5:00 pm on the day preceding the date of election. Unauthorized vehicles would be impounded/towed away/deflated if found on the campus of the college after the prescribed period.
  10. On the day of election entry of the outsiders to the campus of the college/University would be extremely restricted. It is the responsibility of the students that they have the Identity Cards with them.
  11. Any case of violence; kidnapping, drinking, harassment or goondaism should be immediately reported to the Police by Principal/DSW. Strictest possible action will be taken against defaulters.
  12. The campaigning procedures should not create noise during working hours in the campus, especially near the class rooms.
  13. The above Code of Conduct is only for election days. A Code of Conduct for the functioning of the Council may be prepared by the college/University concerned after the elections are over.
  14. The Vice-Chancellor/Principal may constitute a committee consisting of some senior faculty members for reviewing all cases of complaints/violating of Code of Conduct for disciplinary action.