The Institute has spacious architecturally designed lecture and tutorial rooms, airy and electric gadgets, glossy chalkboards and flannel boards all intact, furnished with adequate modern furniture

  Class Room Details

Sr.NoLab NumberSizeRemarks
1722x16Class Room
23032.6x22Class Room
33732.6x22Class Room
43932.6x22Class Room
55722x17Class Room
65822x17Class Room
76223x22Class Room
86323x22Class Room
97024.7x21.10Class Room
107121.7x24.7Class Room
117522x17Class Room
127614x10.4Class Room
137910.8x12Class Room
148128.2x24.2Class Room
158224.4x20Class Room
168433x25.6Class Room
178533x25.6Class Room
188614.5x10.4Class Room
199022x32.3Class Room
209122x32.3Class Room
219222x22.8Class Room
229322x21.6Class Room
239422x19.6Class Room
249522x32Class Room
259714x19.6Class Room
269814x21.6Class Room
2710122x32.3Class Room
2810222x32.3Class Room
2910322x22.8Class Room
3010814x19.7Class Room
3111217.10x31.8Class Room
3211317.10x31.8Class Room
3320131.5x23.6Class Room
3420331.5x23.6Class Room
3520431.5x23.6Class Room
3620531.5x23.6Class Room
3720631.5x23.6Class Room
3820731.5x23.6Class Room
3920931.5x23.6Class Room
4021031.5x23.6Class Room
4121131.5x23.6Class Room
4221231.5x23.6Class Room

Office Details

Sr.NoRoom NumberSizeRemarks
1811x16IGNOU Office
2922x11IGNOU Office
31110x17Office Room
41210.7x17Office Room
51310.8x10.8Office Room
61417x10.8Office Room
71626.2x12.2Office Room
81716x12Office Room
91832x16Office Room
101917.2x11Vice-Principal Office
112110.4x19.9Steno Office
122232x18.8Principal Office
133522x10Electricty Office
1489 A17.6x10.4NAAC + Time Table Office

Department Details

Sr.NoRoom NumberSizeRemarks
1310.5 x 11Sanskrit Department
21510.6 x 18Physical Department
32511 x 10.2Hindi Department
431A11.7 x 6.7Chemistry Department
53122 x 10.6Chemistry Department
64022 x 10.6Physics Department
74112.2 x 10.8Computer Department
84831.8 x 15.4Bio-Tech Department
95217.6 x 10Zoology Department
105317.6 x 10Botany Department
115624 x 25.5Home Science Department
1257A17.8 x 16.3Psychology Department
1366A10 x 12.11Mass Communication Department
1473A10.2 x 13.11English Department
157714 x 10.4Defence Study Department
168924.5 x 10Music Department
1710014 x 10.2Economics Department
1810714 x 10Mathematics Department
1911114 x 10.4Commerce Department
2020210 x 20.8Pol. Science Department
2120810 x 20.8Geography Department


Other Department Details

Sr.NoRoom NumberSizeRemarks
1111X11SC Scholarship Room
2211x11Legal Literacy Cell
3427x14Library Room
4554x43Library Ground Floor
5654x43Library First Floor
61016x9Library Room
72033.9x45Women Common Room (Combind Washroom)
102822x10.4Chemistry Store
112918.10x10.6Chemistry lab Chemical Store
143823x11Physics Store
18498.6x8Zoology Store
195044x22Zoology Musium
225910.8x17Women Cell
236013x10.7NCC Army Wing
246111x10.7NCC Air Wing
256633x12.11Mass Comm Room
276817x10.2NSS Room
286917.5x10.2NSS Room
2972 A11x10Psychology Store
308830.4x28.7Staff Room with washroom
319614x10Placement Cell

Washrooms Details

1Washroom in Adam. Block (Ground Floor) for Boys11.5x11
2Washroom in Adam. Block (Ground Floor) for Girls11.5x11
3Washroom in Adam. Block (Ground Floor) for Staff10.5x13
4Washroom (Near Room No. 80)17.9x10.3
5Washroom (Arts Block Ground Floor)18.8x25
6Washroom (Commerce Block) Ground Floor28x22
7Washroom (Commerce Block) Ist Floor14x10
8Washroom (PG Block) New Building Ground Floor (for Girls)11x24
9Washroom (PG Block) New Building Ground Floor (for Female Staff)11x17
10Washroom (PG Block) New Building Ground Floor (Disabled)7x4.9
11Washroom (PG Block) New Building Ist Floor (for Boys)11x24
12Washroom (PG Block) New Building Ist Floor (for Male Staff)11x17
13Washroom (PG Block) New Building Ist Floor (Disabled)7x4.9

Other Facilities Details

1Seminar/Conference room.
3Girls Hostal.
4Principal Residence (Incubation Centre).
7First Aid Room in Commerce Block at First Floor14 X 10.3