Government College, Hisar is a prestigious higher education institution established in 1950 and has been committed to provide quality education to students and to prepare them comprehensively for their career since then. The basic aim of college activities is to develop core competence among students and inculcate in them a profound orientation for societal welfare. The broader vision and mission statement of the college is the following: 


The Vision of Government College, Hisar is to develop nascent youth force into fully capable, visionary, innovative and socially conscious human resource for India by following rigourous quality standards of higher education as its defining core.


The faculty, students, administration and supporting staff are working really hard as a cohesive team to translate this ennobling ideal by following certain set parameters as their mission. The finer contours of the mission are as under:

  • To provide best possible knowledge to students in unstressed and gradual manner to fully equip them in their chosen subjects 
  • To enhance the critical and analytical faculty for improving their perceptive sense and decisiveness and leading them towards self reliance 
  • To provide them syllabi related background information and current developments for their better understanding of topics in broader perspectives
  • To make them learn by experimentation and by the knowledge of real exigency through practical, case studies, role play and other classroom activities
  • To develop a spirit of professionalism in them and thus preparing them for dynamic role later in their career
  • To motivate them to improvise and increase their present knowledge with their ingenuity and innovativeness
  • To provide them a regular interface with computer, internet and other digital medium to make them tech friendly 
  • To provide them best of the infrastructure and other facilities for studies and other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities 
  • To inculcate in them a spirit of social and humanistic orientation by conversing with them about values, ethics, constitutional goals and permissible social conduct
  • To instill in them deep respect for discipline in life, value for social work and craving for dignity of labour
  • To create conditions for their holistic development by ensuring their enthusiastic participation in varied co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities
  • To develop in them a strong sense for healthy and hygienic life style by motivating them for regular exercise, good dietary habits and value for cleanliness
  • To prepare them for their career by addressing their entrepreneurial skills through training programmes, workshops, extension lectures and placement fairs
  • To ensure befitting students’ representation in different college activities for providing them leadership role and for their enthusiastic participation in them
  • To counsel them and provide them a relaxed environment where they can talk freely about their academics, career and life related issues
  • To provide quality education at very modest fee to make it affordable and easily accessible to unprivileged sections of the society  
  • To work for inclusiveness of key social mobility tool, that is, education by providing financial assistance through social welfare measures to the needy
  • To provide students transparent, conducive, inspiring and grievance free environment to help them in growing themselves as real assets for the society
  • To provide faculty and supporting staff favourable environment and participatory working conditions so that they grow simultaneously while doing their job and they remain self inspired and motivated 
  • To strive incessantly for providing quality higher education to students and for creating unforgettable niche for the institution through the selfless missionary service to the society